See what clients are saying about Ashley Charlebois, RD

“Ashley helped me understand the relationship between my nutrition and energy level. I am now more productive at the office and throughout the day.”

— Ryan Wilson, Vancouver, BC

“I first went to see Ashley Charlebois in early March, 2010. I was looking for a positive trainer to help me lose weight, gain lean muscle and increase my core strength to protect my lower back after a year of back problems.

During our first consultation, Ashley and I devised a nutritional plan which I found easy to follow. Our next sessions were gym-based, testing my initial strength and ability, and Ashley put together a simple weight training plan which I could follow in the gym or at home. The routine was fun and fast and included several ways to make it more challenging as the weeks progressed.

Since working with Ashley, I have lost 7 pounds and gained lean muscle. I have dropped a dress size and my doctor tells me my lower back is stronger than ever. I’m half way to my goal weight, and love the changes I see in myself. My self esteem is much improved. I was looking for a trainer who would encourage me and be positive about my progress, which is Ashley’s style. I’m so grateful to her and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.”

— Caitlin Dowling, Vancouver, BC

“Ashley is a great benefit to both getting physically in shape, learning how to stay in shape and developing a diet that is both healthy and invigorating. She has a great personality for working with and a strong knowledge foundation.”

— Garry Rose, Vancouver, B.C.