Sports Nutrition

A Ferrari deserves premium fuel

Do you train hard but still feel like you’re coming up short of your true potential? I hear this often from my active clients. The truth is, like a lot of athletes and active individuals, your nutrition intake may not be optimal. Treat your body like it’s a Ferrari: stop putting regular gas into it and go premium!

Optimize your fuel intake

By going “premium”, I really mean optimizing your nutritional intake. Not all calories are created equal, especially when you are an athlete. By tailoring what, when, and how much you eat, we can create a diet plan together that will bring you to the next level. Each plan is customized to your unique requirements. These requirements are influenced by many variables such as your sport or activity, gender, body size, and age.

Work with a professional… who’s also an athlete

I am a Registered Dietitian who is legally able to prescribe a diet and is member of a nationally regulated body of medical professionals. Additionally, being a Certified Exercise Physiologist has given me an in-depth understanding of body mechanics.

Most notably I’ve worked with the Vancouver Whitecaps, but I’ve also done work with gymnasts, swimmers, figure skaters, hockey players, triathletes, runners, tennis players, professional mountain bikers, weekend warriors, and regular gym-goers. I’m also a recreational athlete; playing soccer, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, surfing, and competing in triathlons.

For Individuals – flexibility to fit your needs

If possible, I recommend all clients have in-person consultations out of my office at Fortius Sport & Health. However, if it is impossible or inconvenient, I also offer phone or virtual sessions. 

For Teams – group delivery to get everyone on the same page

Group seminars are great way to communicate detailed information. I make them as interactive as possible.

Cooking classes are a fun way to teach teams how to cook for themselves, while also learning about nutrition.

For teams, I offer two types of delivery: seminars and cooking classes. Seminars generally involve a presentation on a topic the coach would like to cover and can range from 45 minutes – 4 hours long. I go to great lengths to make seminars as interactive as possible, especially for younger teams. For example, in the past I’ve done snack-making stations where athletes can learn how to easily make their own healthy snacks.

Over the years I have found that many athletes understand what healthy eating is on paper. But, when it comes to cooking healthy at home, they are stumped. Group cooking classes are a fun way for teams to learn how to cook easy, healthy meals, while meeting their increased nutritional requirements. I will plan out the meals and/or snacks, buy the groceries, and lead the cooking class. I can arrange the kitchen space or we can cook in the comfort of a team member’s home.

During the cooking class, the athletes will be shown how to put together the meals or snacks. They will also be informed on the nutritional breakdown of the meal and how it optimally fuels the athletes’ performance. Afterwards, everyone sits down together to eat their healthy creation. As a side benefit, it’s also a great team-building exercise!